2022-10-01 22:04:04 By : Ms. Jolin Kuang

Infrastructure works are started in Adana Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB) 4th Expansion area, which always keeps its attraction at the top with its geographical location, opportunities it offers to its participants and logistics advantages.In the announcement made by AOSB;Infrastructure and road construction work will be tendered with the bid unit price method.In the announcement about the details of the work, the tender;Electricity Distribution Network and Distribution Central Buildings, Natural Gas Distribution Network, Potable Water/Drinking Water Distribution Network, Wastewater Collection and Discharge Network, Stormwater Collection and Discharge Network, External Fire Hydrant Network and Fire Water Tank, Concrete Road, Road Lighting Network, Communication Infrastructure It was recorded that it covers the Network and Stream Improvement.It is stated in the announcement that the bids can be submitted to Adana Hacı Sabancı OIZ Regional Directorate until 14.00 on 23 November 2022. It has been reported that it can be obtained from the address on CD media.Bekir Sütcü, Chairman of the Board of AOSB, stated that the expropriation of 600 hectares of OIZ 3rd Additional area is continuing in the area where they serve with 100% occupancy rate on an area of ​​1600 hectares in 566 parcels, and that infrastructure will be started in the 4th additional area of ​​100 hectares of OIZ. 5. Site selection studies for the additional area are continuing.”Emphasizing that the region will operate on an area of ​​5,750 hectares after all these processes, AOSB Chairman Bekir Sütcü stated that there are currently 480 companies in the region, 32 of which are foreign capital.Chairman Sütcü knew that there were 15 companies in the ISO top 500, 20 companies in the ISO second 500, and 15 companies in the TİM 1000, and that there were 21 different sectors in the region, mainly Metal, Rubber and Plastic, Textile, Chemistry, and Food.Emphasizing that 11 investors came to the region in 2022, AOSB Chairman of the Board Bekir Sütcü noted that Turkish industry was served with over 40 thousand employees.INVESTMENT AMOUNT IN 6 MONTHS APPROXIMATELY 852 MILLION TLTotal Investment Amount with Incentive Certificate in the region in the first 6 months of 2022Stating that it was 851,443,717 TL, Chairman Sütcü said, “When we look at the data of 2021, 70% of the total trade volume of Adana province is provided by our region, while our foreign trade volume is approximately 1.7 billion dollars”.Bekir Sütcü, Chairman of the Board of AOSB, also commemorating those who worked for the region, whose first entrepreneurial committee was established on April 21, 1977, whose foundation was laid in 1983, whose land sales began in 1990 and whose first chimneys began to smoke in 1992. continued:“We always commemorate with gratitude those who contributed to the region's success.With the right location selection in an area that is not suitable for agriculture, we can find the opportunity to expand today and thus contribute to our regional and national economy.In these works, our esteemed Governor, Mr.We get a different strength from seeing the support of all public institutions, especially Süleyman Elban, behind us.On this occasion, I would like to thank those who contributed to the development of our region and who contributed to every smoking chimney on behalf of the board of directors."Chairman Sütcü added that they will endeavor to offer uninterrupted and trouble-free production opportunities to their investors, as always, in the 4th additional area where infrastructure works will be started.We will be the voice of nature, we will be the voice of humanity, we will be the voice of living things, we will be the voice of love that increases as we produce, we will be the voice of peace, we will be the voice of women, children, the disabled, all the screams coming from life, all identities.