Airless Paint Sprayers for Your Business

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Airless paint sprayers are popular because they are easy to use, and they can spray a wide range of fluids. Without thinning they can spray stains, heavy latex, acrylics, enamels as well as low and medium-viscosity fluids. Air Assisted Airless

Airless Paint Sprayers for Your Business

Painting with an airless sprayer is achieved by atomizing the fluid into tiny particles without compressed air or turbines. Using high pressure and a spray tip along with high efficiency and power allows painters to get big jobs done without the mess of traditional air compressor painters.

If you are looking for airless paint sprayers for your business because of the flexibility they offer, this list has narrowed the best airless paint sprayer on Amazon to make it easy for you to choose.

Top Pick: Graco not only tops this list of the best airless paint sprayers, but it is also on top of many other ones. This sprayer has a stainless steel piston pump delivering a maximum pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch (PSI) capable of supporting up to a 75 ft. painting hose. You can also spray unthinned paint directly from a 1- or 5-gallon paint bucket.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Runner Up: This Titan sprayer uses its High-Efficiency Airless technology to decrease overspray by up to 55%. A 1500 PSI, up to 80 ft. hose extension, and 300 gallons of spray per year with a variable speed 0.60 horsepower pump make it a standout. The company also provides the industry’s best and longest 2-year warranty.

Titan ControlMax High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Value: With over 50 years in the industry, Wagner is a leading brand in paint technology. The quality and price make this HEA airless paint sprayer the best value. Other features include a 1.5-gallon tank, a 25 ft. hose with a max of 50 ft., and a 0.375 horsepower motor.

Wagner Control Pro Power Tank Airless Paint Sprayer

Cordless airless paint sprayers are relatively new and expensive, but they are convenient. Graco powers this painter with a DeWalt XR lithium-ion battery system. You also get a 0.25-gallon tank, two batteries, a Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect, and power for one gallon with each battery.

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

If you are looking for enhanced features and performance, this Titan is it. It delivers a consistent spray of 50-100 gallons per week along with an LX-80II gun, TR1 reversible tip, a 50 ft. hose, and a 50-gallon tank volume.

Titan 440 Impact 3300 PSI Electric Airless Sprayer

Starting with the HEA technology, this Wagner sprayer adds a max operating pressure of 1600 PSI that can spray 500 gallons per year. It also includes a .70 horsepower HEA pump capable of spraying unthinned paint and stain materials, an all-metal gun, and a 50 ft. hose.

Wagner Control Pro 190 High-Efficiency Airless Sprayer

If you have a large project, this HomeRight sprayer delivers. A powerful 1/2 horsepower motor with 2800 PSI can spray unthinned paint directly from a 1- or 5-gallon container with a 25 ft. long non-kink hose.

HomeRight Power Flo Pro Airless Paint Sprayer

Another sprayer from Graco is the ProX19 designed for any project size. A 3000 PSI machine delivers 0.38 gallons per minute which allows it to extend the hose up to 150 ft. Additionally, you can use it for 500 gallons annually by spraying directly from a 1-or5-gallon paint bucket.

Graco Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer with 1/4-Inch Airless Hose

The Himalaya airless paint sprayer is known for its affordability and reliability. It has a powerful 5/8HP 650W motor that delivers up to 3000 PSI pressure to tackle big jobs. The flow rate is 0.28 gallons per minute and it includes a 25 ft. hose.

This Hausse sprayer has a 5/8 horsepower 460W motor delivering 3000 PSI with a 1500 rotary speed. A pressure control knob, prime/spray switch, and a 25 ft. hose are some of the other features.

Hausse Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun

There are several features you should consider when you are looking to buy airless paint sprayers for your business. This is because how you choose these features will greatly determine what you can do with the sprayer. From power to paint flow, pressure, paint hose, accessories and more, make sure you know exactly what you need to get the job done.

Adjustable Pressure: This gives you more options to control the spray and tackle larger jobs.

Tip Size: You can control the spray’s width and speed with different tips. The tips start at 0.009 inches and increase in size with increments of 0.002 inches.

Filter: Ensures the right amount of flow comes through the nozzle along with getting rid of any debris that could clog the sprayer. Choose the right filter for the application.

Hose Length: Make sure you match the hose length with the appropriate power. If the hose is very long, you will need a more powerful sprayer.

Flow Rate: This is the amount of paint the sprayer can apply which is generally labeled as gallons per minute (GPM).

Size and Weight: Choose these features based on the jobs you will be doing.

Cordless: These are new in the market, and they are more expensive. However, they can be very useful for small jobs and hard to get places.

Corded: There are more corded airless painters and therefore more options including more power. The only drawback is the length of the cord, which can be fixed with extension cords.

Maximum Yearly Use: Airless paint sprayers have maximum recommended yearly usage. This is measured by how many gallons of paint it uses annually.

Motor: Measured in horsepower or watt, choose a sprayer with enough power to tackle the jobs you are going to be doing.

Noise: These tools can get loud, especially if you are spraying in an enclosed environment. Long hoses that allow you to place the painter outside is one way to resolve noise issues.

Accessories: There are many accessories that go along with airless paint sprayers buy a machine that includes as many of them as possible from the manufacturer.

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Airless Paint Sprayers for Your Business

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