Rock in Rio 2022: How was the Sepultura show

2022-09-03 16:25:35 By : Mr. Right Way

Image credits: Publicity/Rock in RioIn a festival that has rock in its name, does classical music mean a classical work or a heavy metal anthem?Both answers are more than correct, as shown by the Sepultura in Concert show, which opened the Mundo Stage on the first day of Rock in Rio 2022, this Friday (2).Accompanied by the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, the band from Minas carried out with praise the mission of raising the always fervent audience of the Metal Day with an unprecedented show, conceived exclusively for the event.The partnership with OSB, conducted by conductor Eduardo Pereira, brought a flavor of novelty to the show that Sepultura began to present this year to promote Quadra, their 15th studio album, released in 2020. At the festival, composers such as Igor Stravinsky, Ludwig van Beethoven and Antonio Vivaldi were featured in the repertoire alongside tracks from the group's most recent work.But the older fans have nothing to complain about: hits from other phases of the band's career also had their time and left the hearts of longtime metallers warm."Riot at the Rite" by Stravinsky opened the presentation.Soon after, Sepultura showed the strength of their lyrics and melodies with the sequence "Roots Bloody Roots", "Kairos" and "Machine Messiah", in addition to the instrumentals "Ludwig Van" and "Kaiowas".During "Valtio", performed only by the orchestra, the audience seemed mesmerized by the sounds of the harp and cello, but vocalist Derrick Green soon appears on the scene announcing the next number, "Agony of Defeat", and remembering that his booming voice is also a powerful instrument.The block ends with a 90s hit, "Refuse/Resist", sung at the top of his lungs in the City of Rock.At this point, Andreas Kisser pauses to publicly thank the guest musicians for such a special performance."It was a sensational work of rehearsals. You guys are awesome. It's an unforgettable moment in our career, thank you very much", said the guitarist, before revealing the next classical composer honored: Vivaldi.It was the password for the audience to shout, excited, the chorus of "Violin, Violin" with the same excitement with which they shouted Sepultura's own name in the intervals between one song and another, demonstrating that classical music - erudite or not - was in House.At another moment of the show, the audience also gave their political message in a protest against the President of the Republic, shouting "Hey, Bolsonaro, go take the c*".The chords of "Guardians of Earth" ended the show, no less than the eighth participation of Sepultura in the Brazilian edition of Rock in Rio, an event that has been going on since 1991.On other occasions, the band has also collaborated with other artists and has performed with the French group Les Tambours du Bronx (in 2011 and 2013) and Zé Ramalho (in 2013).The group also performed at the festival's editions in Lisbon and in the United States.Riot at the Rite (Igor Stravinsky cover) Roots Bloody Roots Kairos Machine Messiah Ludwig Van Kaiowas (Extended; with Drum solo by Eloy) Valtio Agony of Defeat Refuse/Resist Guardians of EarthBy continuing to browse, I declare that I am aware of and agree with the Privacy Policy as well as express my consent to the provision and processing of data and cookies for the purposes contained therein.